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IP Phone Service

About Pledge Phone

There are many advantages for using an IP phone, "pledge phone." You can call internationally from Japan using 03 or 0120! It will save your money if you sign up.

2 New Services!

You can have a 03 phone number

Pledge phone is a fee based service which you can enjoy a phone number that starts with either "03." A Japan based business is now possible while you stay in overseas.

Calling 0120 numbers from overseas is finally possible

The impossible toll free calls "0120" from overseas to Japan is now possible. You can call toll free numbers using an IP phone, "pledge phone" whether for private or business purpose.

Saves Calling Bills!

Surprising call rate

The call rate for Pledge Phone calling within the US is $0.069 per 3 min. (within Japan is \0.084) and calls to Japan is $0.073 per 3 min. (calls to the US is \0.0799 per 3 min.). *
In addition, A pledge phone has a HIGHER quality of sound than in the past. You can enjoy phone conversations with crystal clear quality.
Click here for more information about the rates from and to specific countries.
* Assuming US $1=115 yen

Calls to England, France, and Germany are 6.3 yen/min., 7.2 yen/min. to Switzerland and Taiwan, and 8.1 yen/min. to Singapore.

Free Calls Between Two IP Phones

Free calls between two IP phones!

Calls between two IP phone users will be totally free! You can have lengthy calls with overseas branch, friends, or family without worrying about your bill.

Convenient Voice Mail Feature

When you have an important meeting and you are away from your desk, you can configure voice mail to send your messages as sound files to your specified email address or forward them to a specified phone number.

* Voice mail is free, but there will be call charges for transfering calls

Gear Enhancement

This service is not limited only to M2X TelTel, a specialized software which can be used in a broadband network environment, but also any commercially sold IP phone. IP phones are also available through Devicenet. For more information regarding pledge phone, go to IP pledge phone gear.

Call Charges

Initial Cost 2,980 yen (Tax Included)
Monthly Cost 1,200 yen (Tax Included)


We only accept credit card as payment method for pledge phone.
We accept Visa, Master, JCB, and American Express.

For signing up for pledge phone service, please confirm the content on Mikasa Business Support Co., Ltd. website before proceed to "Sign Up."

Click here for Pledge Phone site


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