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Offsite Backup Solution

LiveVault Server backup/recovery

This is a solution which backups data to a remote location.

In order to protect from accidents, unexpected disasters, and to continue business practices, it is necessary to prevent data losses and business interruption.

Live Vault Server Backup & Reovery Solution

LiveVault server backup and recovery solution includes the main features below.

Continuous Data Protection

With LiveVault solution, you will be able to backup continuously. With this feature, the system can recover back to a few minutes ago when the server crashed.
(* This depends on the backup setting)
With the continuous backup, you can select the desired file versions for recovery from various restore points.

Reliable and Secure

Between data leaving the server and reaching the remote data center, it is securely protected in several ways. Iron Mountain server backup recovery solution uses 256 bit AES encryption and a customized unique key to encrypt all data.

Central Management

LiveVault web console allows you to maintain and monitor overall work flow such as backup, offsite storage, and archive anywhere. You can easily customize backup policy, delegate administrator, and start restore when necessary.

Flexible Management

Once the initial backup has been completed, additional backup will only be what was modified. This will minimize the bandwidth consumption. In addition, bandwidth usage in a fixed period can be controlled by bandwidth throttle.

Quick Recovery

Using an optional high speed recovery appliance, Turbo Restore, corrupted data will be recovered with high speed. With this simple appliance, you can quickly recover large amounts of capacity while fulfilling RTO (Recovery Time Objectives). This high speed restoration appliance has minimal maintenance and adds restorable, up-to-date data. For this reason, this appliance stores up-to-date data which can be quickly restored locally.

PCConnected Backup is available for client PC and laptop backup.

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