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IT Assets Management Service

IT Assets Management and a Standard Tool QND Plus / QAW

Do you have more PCs than the number of employees at your company? There are various things that need to be managed such as exact number of PCs, purchase history, type of installed software, and number of licenses. IT asset management such as keeping track of losses and license violation are fundamentals of IT compliance.
Is Excel enough to keep track of all these?

While IT assets continues to change and the number of PCs continues to grow, QND Plus / QAW is our solution to manage IT assets efficiently.

QND Plus / QAW
Main Features
  • Scrict License Management and System Usage Restriction (QAW only)
    ・Startup control of inappropriate application and/or other software work circumstance
    ・Prevents information leakage from P2P software such as Winny and Limewire
    ・With the "Copy ID" feature, it has made it possible to manage licenses, permissions, and restrictions
    ・From the software usage report, you will be able to determine the exact number of licenses
  • Collecting Inventory Information from Client PC (QND Plus / QAW)
    ・Collect client PC inventory information (Software and Hardware) and other devices using QND Plus
    ・Depending on the WAN environment and number of PCs,a slave server is available to distribute the workload
    ・For PCs that are not connected to the network, information can be imported using roaming mode
    ・Information of mobile PCs will be collected periodically and sent to the QND server when connected to the network
  • Create PC Management Ledger (QND Plus / QAW)
    ・Creates PC management ledger based on collected information, and analyzes it
  • Client PC Structure and Management (QND Plus / QAW)
    ・According to policy, it can prevent users from modifying PC setting and using prohibited applications
    ・Complex tasks that cannot be performed by clients such as registery/ini file modification can be done offsite by an expert IT consultant
    ・Account addition and password change can be done offsite
  • Automatic Install (QND Plus / QAW)
    ・Ability to give instructions to client PCs to install a specific file. In Addition, it can also install applications on a client PC from the server
    ・For client PCs such as Windows NT clients that need administrative rights to install, QND Plus/ QAW can give administrative rights temporarily during the installation process
  • Remote Control (QND Plus / QAW)
    ・Displays the clients desktop on an administrator's monitor, and gives them the ability to directly work on the client's computer and send messages to it

This software has been introduced and implemented to a total of 3000 companies and sold 3,000,000 licenses nation wide!
It was accepted by one of four companies which was put on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange!

It has now become even more convenient with Exterior Memory Media Usage Restriction tool, ex WP!

QND Plus / QAWڍ

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